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    Team 291 sent letters of thanks to US Senators Kerry, Dorgan, and Shaheen via their e-mail contact information.

    We also sent a letter of invitation for the Pittsburgh Regional to the following 25 politicians:

    US Representatives from Pennsylvania: Kathy Dahlkemper, Jason Altmire, Glenn "G.T." Thompson, John Murtha, Mike Doyle, and Tim Murphy

    US Senators from Pennsylvania: Robert P. Casey and Arlen Specter

    Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell

    Pennsylvania State Senators: Jane Earll, Robert D. Robbins, Mary Jo White, and Joseph B. Scarnati III

    Pennsylvania State Representatives: Patrick J. Harkins, Florindo Fabrizio, John Hornaman, Curt Sonney, John Evans, Brad Roae, Richard R. Stevenson, Mark Longietti, Scott Hutchinson, Kathy L. Rapp, Michele Brooks

    Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott

    We hope each and every one of them comes!
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