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Thread: Lost our "Panel Signal Device" - Need replacement

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    Default Lost our "Panel Signal Device" - Need replacement

    We seem to have lost our indicator light, is there an official place to get a new one?

    From searching around, I can't seem to find anywhere which sells that specific part, is a similar one acceptable? (and what would qualify a similar one?)


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    Smile Re: Lost our "Panel Signal Device" - Need replacement

    If you go to the competition documentation page and follow the link to the Kit of Parts you'll find a file called "Where to get more". It gives you the websites and phone numbers to the various suppliers. Here's a quick direct link.

    If you aren't sure about which supplier, go to the "Kit of Parts Checklist" and you can locate a part visually or by name. The supplier name will be listed there.

    Good luck. - T

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    Default Re: Lost our "Panel Signal Device" - Need replacement

    Rockwell Automation doesn't market direct to consumers, and they don't have very many distributors with online ordering. Here is one:

    You can also look up local distributors on Rockwell Automation's website and call the closest one.
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