We just heard that we were nominated for a wildcard, when a few days later the news came that we got it. After recovering from the shock the team started looking for sponsors, have started brushing up their English, rebuild the robot (that was already dismantled) and hope for the best! These ten year olds never , in a million years, thought they would make it to the other side of the world on entering a contest a few months ago. Needless to say it feels like a dream and our team-members are walking on clouds!
We are a team from the Netherlands. We live in a town next to a river, there the similarities end. A city ten times smaller, from a country that fits in to yours a hundred times. The team is slowly realizing how big this occasion is... We hope we manage to get it all organized in time, so if all goes well we will be seeing you all in a few weeks!

Good luck everybody! Tot ziens!