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Thread: Fuses for minibot battery pack

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    Default Fuses for minibot battery pack

    The minibot battery pack includes a fuse housing for a single fuse and the fuse supplied with the minibot kit is a 20A fuse. The tetrix motor has a stall current of 7.3A. Therefore it is desirable to have a fuse of less than 7.3A to ensure the continual good working condition of the tetrix motor.

    In accordance with <R92>, teams are allowed to replace the 20A with a lower amperage-rated fuse. We would like to use a 6A fuse to get the most out of the motor, however 6A fuses of this form factor are not available in Australia.

    Can we add a second fuse housing in parallel with the existing fuse housing so that we can run two 3A fuses in parallel to give us our equivalent 6A of maximum (safe) tetrix motor current?

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    No, as that modification is not permitted per Rule <R92>.

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