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Thread: Local merchant sponsorship

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    You've probably seen sponsorship plaques for ball-teams in a local store or restaurant, and it's common sense that for cash gifts we do likewise. This discussion thread is to kick around what's appropriate when the gift is in-kind. For example, would you provide a plaque for $50 in gift cards, or a hundred?

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    We defined different levels of "promotion" depending on the amount/value of the donation/gift.

    Certain levels get large logos on the back of shirts, prominent website placement, nice wooden plaques, certificates, etc...

    Set the levels appropriate for the types/sizes of donations you would expect in your community.

    Everyone gets mentioned in our final newsletter each year and receives a receipt for tax deductions. (requires tax-exempt status / another discussion).

    Our final newsletter recaps the season and the benefits to our students through participation in FLL. This often generates a second round of donations as well...

    Les Turner
    Bremen Botz!

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    Hi Guys, you might also want to consider getting a free advertorial page for any local event. This would go a long way towards getting excellent local PR exposure for the cause.

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