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    I am considering coaching team but I am lost as to what costs are involved. Also what kits to buy and how to submit the completed project. What are the end products that require to be submitted. Any guidance is appreciated. thanks.

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    Please become familiar with You will find links to the registration process and costs (

    LEGO Education would really like to have teams buy more stuff:

    But in reality, all that is required is to build a model having one or more working parts:
    " Jr.FLL is a very flexible program in that it requires teams to build unique models made of LEGO elements—any LEGO elements are acceptable. Many teams already have LEGO elements with which they can construct an appropriate model which has one motorized moving part and one simple machine
    There is not a specific set needed to participate in the program. However, if your team requires LEGO materials to get started, there are two different set options suggested for use with Jr.FLL teams. These sets are available to purchase through LEGO Education in the U.S., OR through Spectrum Education for Canadian teams."

    Your team may wish to meet up with other local jFLL teams to showcase the teams' results. NOTHING is submitted, nor judged. Your state organizational partner may (or
    may not) have plans to bring junior teams together at regional FLL tournaments, at district level, or even at state. You might ask in your local public school system if there are any "open" science fairs at which your team can share their display.


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    Postscript, one may find TECHNICS parts on eBay for around $11-12 US per pound.

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    If you are new and not sure what to buy, one Base Kit for the team is a good start. It has everything in it (although the number of basic LEGO bricks may not be enough). Additional bricks can be bought from

    Or just non-LEGO sites like

    As far as the final product, see some examples at 5:30 of this video:
    Livingston Robotics Club (LRC)
    Livingston, New Jersey, USA

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