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Thread: Event Winners?

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    Default Event Winners?

    I understood that Jr. FLL was a non-competitive program and that the kids would be exhibiting their projects rather than competing with them.

    On the page

    there are both participation and awards certificates.

    Did I misunderstand something?

    Also, how does a team qualify for World Expo? I noticed under the registration details there is a field that flags whether a team is qualified. I don't remember seeing that last year.
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    Default Re: Event Winners?

    Jr.FLL is a non-competitive program. Expo's give the teams a chance to show off their posters, models and knowledge that they have gained about that year's Challenge. It is up to the event organizer if they would like to have reviewers give out awards, participation certificates or both. If awards are given all teams must be given an award - i.e. you can't single out certain teams and give them awards and only participation certificates to others. We give suggestions for team awards on our website here.

    The World Festival Expo is an invitation process. We are still determining how invitations will be selected and sent out this year. You cannot "qualify" for the World Festival like other programs due to its non-competitive nature.

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