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Thread: marketing and business development

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    Default marketing and business development

    I may have overlooked it but there doesn't seem to be a non-technical best-practices place for teams to post/discuss ideas. The thread could discuss the following:
    * How the teams market themselves to new members and the public.
    * How teams make themselves sustainable both from a people and monetary standpoint.
    * Leadership and team development.


    I'd like to distribute a link to a 6 minute video I produced that prominently features the FIRST LED program but there is no clear location to post it. I included additional information below.

    I generated a 6 minute video that features the FIRST LED bulbs and the general advantages of LED light bulb technology. I don't know if the teams might be able to use this as a infomercial of sorts, but if anyone thinks they might find it useful you are welcome to distribute it. It has a creative commons license, and I would appreciate any feedback people might have.

    Short documentary that explains history and technology behind light bulbs while emphasizing the improvements and advantages that LED light bulbs provide. Program compares and contrasts incandescent, CFL and LED bulbs. Also presents overview of the FIRST program and LED light bulb sales initiative. This documentary was included in Green Time episode 389 which will be uploaded soon.

    William Krekeler

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    Default Re: marketing and business development

    Update: I have re-opened this thread as it finally became obvious why this thread was such a magnet to the spammers. The reason is that it had the highest hit count because the spammers were posting here. It is unfortunate to the OP, but this will at least limit the spamming of more active threads. For those reading this, if you could please vote for this as an "excellent" thread (rating button at top right of page), that would help steer the spammers here as well. - Thanks

    Going to leave the one spam here to hide my post!

    Closing this thread temporarily as it was overwhelmed with SPAM. When the admins figure out a way to stop the influx I will open it again.

    There had not been a single valid posting to the OP in over 400 postings I had to delete. But I can't wait for my order of honest to goodness real Ugg boots to show up from some place in Russia...
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