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Thread: NXT-G 2.1 error 1003

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    Default NXT-G 2.1 error 1003

    After review of archived discussion on this error, I'm opening this thread to ask for help on NXT-G 2.1 error code 1003.
    This error suddenly presented on all attempts to download programs to the robot from the team computer, PC, Windows 7.
    What we tried and got the error every time:
    1. prior versions of successful programs;
    2. new program with only a move block;
    3. checked Mindstorms available updates to software and firmware; none found of any sort more recent than our last updates and we have had no problem with this error for quite a while since any updates in the past;
    4. complete uninstall of the NXT-G program and restart of the computer;
    5. attempt to download to different NXT 'bots;

    No problem with this error when:
    copying programs that generate this error code to a zip drive and opening them (bravely) on a different computer with the same op system and update status.

    Any thoughts?


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    Default Re: NXT-G 2.1 error 1003

    I haven't seen this error, but there was a thread about it last season in this forum. I did a quick scan of the thread, but I didn't see a definitive answer to the problem.

    One thing to try might be to install the NXT-G 2.0 version of the software. It's the commercial version of the software that is roughly equivalent to the educational 2.1 version. You can download it here. I could be wrong, but it sounds like the problem is more frequently encountered using version 2.1 instead of version 2.0.

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    Default Re: NXT-G 2.1 error 1003

    Sorry for the late response to this. Have you tried any of the patches (software updates) for NXT-G 2.1? We were able to resolve problems like this last season by upgrading to 2.1f3. The latest version is 2.1f6. Contact Lego Education Tech Support, and they can get you a link to the patch.

    Jeff Bartig
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