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Thread: How to image roboRIO

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    Default How to image roboRIO

    Hey, I can't seem to image my roboRIO and it's stuck in Safe Mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks from team 2998 ,

    Reuben aka Rubix
    Head Programmer (2015- )

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    Default Re: How to image roboRIO

    Are you connected to it via USB? If you open your Control Panel and navigate to the Network Adapters, do you see a connection there for the roboRIO? (should be something like "Local Area Connection X" with the grey sub-text saying "National Instruments USBLAN Adapter") Are you connected to any other network at the same time? If so, try disconnecting and leaving only the USB connection.

    If none of that works what does the Imaging tool show/do when you try to image?
    FRC Robotics Engineer

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