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Thread: Animal Allies Scores

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean Hystad View Post
    According to multiple sources everything affects the gyro and the gyro is the source of all mission problems. I don't agree with those sources.

    All gyro problems are caused by bad design. Rely overmuch on the gyro and it will bite you, just like the light sensor or the ultrasonic sensor or even a touch sensor or wall squaring. Too many teams use the gyro to make odometry good enough that it can be used to solve missions. It's not the gyro's fault when this doesn't work. Odometry is never good enough to solve missions. I don't care if the gyro was perfect, it would still never work as well as a solution that makes use of landmarks.
    I tend to agree with this. We were at the Oregon State this weekend and came 3rd place on Saturday (may get an invitation to one of the tournaments nationwide). The team totally relied on Gyro and the runs do get impacted by the imperfections on the mat and minor user errors in positioning. One of our last runs (multiple missions) failed due to this which prevented us from getting a robot perf. award. A combination of good Gyro programming and light sensors to utilize the landmarks works much better. The team might re-enable light sensors if we move on.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Mosher View Post
    Oregon state championships (scores approximate, it was a long weekend, I'll update this when I find my notes...):
    Saturday, 58 teams, high score around 220, median score about 65.
    Sunday 54 teams, high score 310, median score around 85.
    Updates with the correct data (I found my notes):
    Saturday high scores: 1st: 221 - (also 211 and 197 from the same team), 2nd: 184, 3rd: 168. Median: 68.
    Sunday high scores: 1st: 305 (also a 295), 2nd: 230, 3rd: 220, 4th: 209. Median: 83.

    The 305 score included negotiating for the other team in the match to complete the animal exchange (with a backup plan to run their Conservation mission if the other team's attempt didn't work), freeing up time to use the last 20 seconds to move four manure samples into the T&R area one-at-a-time, using a nifty delivery arm, the last one landing just at the end-of-match buzzer. Very exciting.
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    These are results of the Central European championship
    But, remember , the boys here are older (up to 16)

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