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Thread: Can not connect to the roborio

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    Exclamation Can not connect to the roborio

    So, our programming mentor and i cannot connect to the RIO over wireless, tethered works just fine, and infact, when tethered, one the tethered is disconnected, we keep wireless comms until you disconnect from the radio, and reconnect. in the DS the 'light' next to robot radio is on. pinging roborio-247-frc.local, on my laptop results in something to the extent of name not found, and on the mentor's we get a destination host unreachable. however, on the other programming laptop, works first try, every try. ive disabled IPv6 and both mDNS and ni mDNS is allowed through the firewall of my laptop, if a model helps, its a dell inspiron 15. help us, please, were at a loss here

    here is the versions from the DS
    DS: 17.0a11
    RIO: FRC_roboRIO_2017_v8
    Lib: Java 2017.1.1
    PCM: 1.65
    PDP: 1.40
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