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Thread: Definitive Photo Guide for FIRST and STEM Events (free)

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    Default Definitive Photo Guide for FIRST and STEM Events (free)

    Definitive Photo Guide for FIRST and STEM Events (free)


    I am the founder of TechBrick robotics. I have covered 100’s of events and many FIRST events and related competitions. This guide is full of useful tips and resources that you can to make sure your events are well documented. Please review and forward your comments and suggestions.

    You can request it here:

    And free as well, “Mundane and Boring Subjects that will Change Your Digital Life.” An eclectic collection of useful one page tips on a number of key subjects.

    You can request it here:

    // Marco
    TechBrick Robotics
    JrFLL / FLL / FTC / FRC
    Checkout our free resources at:

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    Default Re: Definitive Photo Guide for FIRST and STEM Events (free)

    @ TechBrick: Your TechBrick website is very useful! It's very kind to provide the Photo Guide, but there may be a problem with your e-mail acknowledgement system. When I submitted my name and e-mail address on that website you provided, it said that I would receive an e-mail back that discussed the details of the Guide. I submitted my information twice now (last night and again this morning), and got no e-mail. I checked my "Junk" e-mail folder (in case your message was there), but see nothing....

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