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A good example (if out of focus) on Youtube: https://youtu.be/14PswDr0otE
So instead of the usual two separately powered wheels and a unpowered caster wheel, the caster wheel steers and both of the other wheels drive with one motor (Ideally through a differential, but a locked axle works for demonstration). The control program swivels the caster so the forward placed light sensor is on the line, the rest of the robot follows.
I watched the first half of the video, but the robot looks like it has two powered front wheels and a caster wheel in the back. Is that the correct video link?

As an aside, it was fun to watch the robot try to navigate the obstacles and maze in addition to following the line. It would be fun to have the referees drop a LEGO wall at a random spot on the far side of the board as an obstacle to the advanced teams.