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Thread: Weight / size of Trackball

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    Hey GDC, thanks for the support and the fast responses, we have some additional questions about this year's rules.


    4) We could really use an additional clarification on ball size and ball weight. We have seen various version of both measurments (weight goes from 7.2 / 10 pounds and size goes from 102 -120 CM).


    We are sorry if there are too many questions in here and you are gonna have to split it into seperate messeges in different sub-forums, but we also believe that it will be easier for you guys to get this answered then 5 different posts, if not please say so and the next questions we will be making are going to be in seperate posts.

    Thanks a lot, KY Bots, FRC2669.
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    Default Re: A few questions 4

    Question 4: Please refer to Section 6.3 of The Manual, as amended in Team Update #4. When inflated, each Trackball is approximately 40 inches in diameter, and weighs approximately 7.3 pounds.

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