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    In the course of building our robot this year, we ended up borrowing cylinders from a couple older robots, and were working right up to the end. As such, we didn't order cylinders earlier in the season as designs were modified, and we didn't know exactly what was needed at an earlier point. The robot has now shipped, and we went to the BIMBA site to order a set of cylinders to duplicate what was borrowed, so we would have spares at competition, and so we could replace the the ones on the older robots afterward. The FIRST link is nowhere to be found, and when I called, they said the program had ended. This is rather unfortunate, as nowhere in the manual, could I find listed a cutoff date, and I imagine there are also other teams who might wish or need to order replacements during the competition season. Would FIRST please consider listing any cutoff dates in the manuals for future competitions, so teams could be informed and be sure to order parts while they still can?

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    Thank you for your feedback. The "Free Pneumatic Components" order cut-off date is not under FIRST's control. In the future, we will attempt to identify and publicize them earlier where possible.

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