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  • Report from sunny Boca Raton

    The South Florida Regional went very well for being a new regional. Below I have pointed out some of the experiences we had.

    On Thursday we noticed that there were issues with robots connecting and staying connected. This issue was addressed by having all teams ensure that their radios had firmware version 1.2 on it instead of version 1.4.

    We had one PLC error on Thursday.

    Friday was as good as we could have hoped. There were a few times when we had to wait for the Kinect to work. Because Dr. Murphy was at our event on Saturday, we did not give out the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award on Friday. This meant we were not able to upload awards to the FIRST website until Saturday.

    Saturday started off well but we hit a snag after a few matches. In one match the Coopertition Bridge was balanced but was not entered into the computer correctly. After a team pointed out the issue we went back and fixed it then recalculated and posted the rankings. A few matches later we tried to commit the score and got a weird error. It was error code 9999 sequence contains more than one element. Matt popped into our computer and messed around. He had us close the error and check if the scores were right in match review. They were and we then closed and reopened FMS and they were still there. Matt told us to proceed and we experienced the same issue when we tried to commit the next match score. We had Matt look again and went through the same steps. During this we realized and told Matt that the teams were appearing twice in the rankings on the pit screen and online. I know Matt recalculated and reposted the scores after he did other stuff. The next match committed successfully. A few matches later as we tried to post scores to the screen we got an error 107 FMS-to-PLC comms loss. The PLC heartbeat indicator was still blinking. Matt had us close the error to post and commit scores and then restart FMS. The field ran fine for the rest of the day.

    Hopefully Matt will have some comment about this occurrence in the follow-up email/call.

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    Re: Report from sunny Boca Raton


    The fact the teams appeared twice on the Ranking report was an indication that there was an error that occurred during the ranking calculation process on commit score. This error was the reason why the error 9999 message popped up when committing score. By recalibrating the rankings, this cleared the error allowing commit score to proceed correctly.

    The PLC-to-FMS error was unrelated to the commit score error. The comms loss was likely only for a short period since the heartbeat was flashing again.
    FRC Electrical Engineering Manager