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Week 1 Observations

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  • Week 1 Observations

    Here's the list of bugs/feature ideas that I compiled this weekend:

    • When you set the starting number of balls manually (I can't remember if it occurred only when the ball count was set to 0, or if it was always), the ref tablets don't advance to the proper screen so you can't input scored balls
    • We had a strange bug that happened twice where all the robots, DSs, and refs were ready for the match (so the entire upper half of match play was all green), but the arena light still wouldn't turn green and we couldn't start the match. We could fix this by backing out of prestart and redoing that step
    • Incremental backups after each match never worked once - after I commit the score, a dialog would pop up saying the backup couldn't be completed with error code 101 and no message. However, I could still do a full backup from the event wizard without making any changes. Removing and reinserting the USB drive did not fix the problem.
    • The RS ref panel sometimes flashed disconnected (red background) and then came back quickly. Matt, I think Jerry said you've reproduced this on your test setup.
    • After a timeout, the FCUI doesn't automatically go back to the prematch screen where you can start the match, so you have to hit back to do that. Is this intentional?
    • When you assign an award, the team name field in the list of all awards doesn't populate after you hit "assign award", even though the field in the dialog box shows the full team name.. However, the auto-populated awards do have the team name filled out correctly.

    Features? Maybe?
    • This was discussed last week, but I second not showing the row of buttons for Cycle 1+ in the score tab until Cycle 0 has been completed. It can be confusing trying to figure out if the alliance's current ball is an auto ball or not.
    • It would be nice to access match review in while prestarted. A few times, the refs wanted to go back a match or two and look at/change something, and I either had to tell them to wait after the current match, or to exit prestart and hold up the field for a little bit, since you can't do this if you've already prestarted.
    • On the score tab, it would be really nice to automatically switch between auto and teleop scores. 95% of the time, that's what I'll do, anyway