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bimba cylinder?

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  • bimba cylinder?

    What we have read in the Q and A and what the 2006 parts use flowchart says are not stating the same information. On the FIRST order form it has the same part number for the double acting bimba cylinder as the bimba site has for the single acting spring retractable bimba cylinder. We have ordered both cylinders and they are identical in looks and size, just one is double acting and one in single acting. When we read the flowchart: Is it an Air Cylinder ordered from the Custom Cylinder Order Form? No (no box reads) Is it a purchased fitting or valve rated for 125 psi? Yes (yes box reads) Is the part or material off the shelf or is it custom made by the team after the start of the 2006 kickoff? Yes (yes box reads) Does it exceed quantity limits and /or cost limits? No ( no box reads) The part may be used. We would like to use the double acting bimba cylinder but not sure if we can. double or single?

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    Re: bimba cylinder?

    The only pistons that may be used are those identical to the ones available on the "FIRST Free Pneumatic Components Order Form" on the last page of the 2006 FIRST Pneumatics Manual. The linear pistons available all have part numbers that end with either "DP" or "DXP." These are all double-acting, rear pivot mount pistons. Single action pistons with spring returns are not permitted.