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What does a new JR FLL team need to purchase?

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  • What does a new JR FLL team need to purchase?

    I am part of a club that historically has run FLL teams. This year we are going to be launching 2 Jr FLL teams. Most of my research into Jr FLL was done using last year's materials. It appears things have changed significantly from then. I am hoping that someone can help me with the questions below:

    (Using the info from here: )

    It looks like last year there was the base kit and the robotics kit, but this year the "Starter set" is like the robotics kit + some small exercises via the BTE kit. Is that accurate?

    Do the kids still have to build a model using simple machines? If so, where do the parts for that come from? If not, what is the goal of the model?

    What are the season passes for? Are they for running expos? A local FRC team is thinking about hosting an expo, so any info about the passes (if they are for that) would be appreciated.

    What do the "highly recommended add-on items" contain, and how do I judge if we need them?
    - community starter set
    - community minifigure set
    - creative lego brick set

    I'm hoping to get a sense for how much it will cost for each kid, but I need to know what we should buy in order to determine that...

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    Re: What does a new JR FLL team need to purchase?


    Below is a reply I received from FIRST. The "Starter Set" that will be required next year is the Jr FLL Starter Set, not the Community Starter Set:

    Thank you for writing. This year, the registration fee is $75.00. This will provide teams with access to the Online Showcase, the Inspire Set, Engineering Notebooks, and Team Meeting Guide. There is no additional charge for shipping. We will begin shipping these materials to registered teams on Thursday, August 11th. Typically, this should take 4-6 days to ship.

    The Starter Set is not mandatory this year, however it is being offered now because it will be required starting with the 2017-2018 season.

    Here is a basic overview of the “Highly Recommended Add-on’s”:

    1.) Community Minifigure Set: Contains assorted miscellaneous Figures and accessories
    2.) Community Starter Set: Contains 1,907 pieces of assorted bricks, figures and accessories
    3.) Creative LEGO Brick: Contains 1,000 pieces of assorted bricks

    The Season Pass is designed of organizations that will be running multiple teams simultaneously. The Small pass would be for up to 12 teams while the large pass would be for up to 24 teams.

    All teams need to have a motorized part in their model. There are multiple options for integrating a motor into your team model. In the 2016-2017 CREATURE CRAZE season teams may use any motor they like in their model.


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      Re: What does a new JR FLL team need to purchase?

      Does anyone know what is in the "BuildToExpress for Education mini-kits" that come with the "FIRST LEGO League Jr. Starter Set"? I'm trying to decide if I should just buy the "LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set" rather than the starter set.


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        Re: What does a new JR FLL team need to purchase?

        Yes, it does come with the FIRST LEGO League Jr Starter Set. Hopefully next year you can buy them separately, as I am sure some of the cool pieces (like the Lego magnifying glass) will go "missing".

        My daughter had her first meeting yesterday, and it wasn't clear if you couldnt just use 25-30 of any random lego kits in place of the BTE kit. Week one's task with them was to build something fairly generic, then build something to represent your team.


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          Re: What does a new JR FLL team need to purchase?

          You can visit for more info.