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FLL Table - folding table of plywood

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  • FLL Table - folding table of plywood

    Hi, there:
    I am coaching a team this year - we are rookies. A parent who is an architect has graciously offered to help build the table and is planning on following the instructions for the plywood table, but wants to have it fold in half to make storage better.

    My question(s):
    Anyone else done this with success?
    If so, do I need to worry about the two sides not lining up or warping, affecting the performance of our robot?

    Any other hints/insights are welcome.

    Coach of the Dazzling Dolphins - JrFLL to rookie FLL year.

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    Re: FLL Table - folding table of plywood

    There is always a bump where the seam is. I built a few sectioned tables and have seen several more, and there is always a bump. Even if it feels tiny to you it is huge to the robot. The robot's trajectory will be thrown off slightly each time it crosses over the seam.

    But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Every table you run the robot on will be slightly different. If I were to build a compact table today I think I would make the seam off center a few inches so by flipping the mat around I could move the location of the seam relative to the playing field. If the missions work in both mat orientations it is a good indication that the missions will work on most tables.


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      Re: FLL Table - folding table of plywood

      We made ours in two pieces... We put small dowel rods on one piece (holes in the other) to line them up.

      We use suitcase type latches to hold the pieces together. Makes for rapid assembly/disassembly and it fits in our van.

      Les Turner
      Bremen Botz! 237


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        Re: FLL Table - folding table of plywood

        Ah well, this is still on the webserver. Three parts is better than two...

        Yet another FLL Table

        The seams are not noticable with the fingered joints. if I had it to do over, I'd go with thinner plywood, thinner stiffner boards. The table in thirds is much easier to move/fit in a van, and the individual tables did get used a time or two.

        Good Luck, Rick


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          Re: FLL Table - folding table of plywood

          Thank you all -
          Our very own architect (OK, we're lucky!) created a folding plywood table using a combination of the official table building instructions and the foam folding table instructions. We plan on keeping it open and hoisted on some plastic storage bins for the foreseeable future, but the folding aspect is quite nice for storage.

          Seam does not seem to be an issue, but we've yet to really test it out with a robot, etc.

          If you want more details (like what hardware was used, etc.) I would be happy to get that for you.
          Coach of the Dazzling Dolphins - JrFLL to rookie FLL year.