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    OK, so I am still high on FLL. But already looking to the next set of tournaments.

    What SOFTWARE do you guys all have to help run well organized and informative events?

    Excel sheets to do team scheduling, ones that could maybe take in a user defined start time, estimated minutes between matches, built in holds/delays, number of teams, number of tables, etc. But places teams in evenly spaced slots so everybody has about the same wait times between runs. But gets random table and tablemate selections.

    Or display software that shows match schedules on the big board. (We all have seen the scoreboard and timer, but what about upcoming schedules)

    Or even little ZigBee like radio units that have a single LED display, showing the current match number (to be placed in the pits or away from main event tables). Think the Now Serving sign, but a network of portable units that could be placed anywhere in the building, battery powered. Many events have these GREAT perfectly tuned "printed" XLS grids of all teams and their exact schedules...but they all get behind or off schedule and the paper is no longer as valuable. So as a coach, I generally only care about what 'match number' they are on...and know its time to go queue up when our number gets close, not by clock time. But getting what match number is currently playing is quite difficult with just audio.

    Seems to me a lot of events make their own sheets, some good some not. Or they get re-made when each new wave of volunteers joins in the fray. Does anyone have a solid set of tools?

    In Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, we have GPRM. In SoapBox we have other offerings, and there are lots of sports and bracket makers. How bout one for FLL?

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    Re: Scheduling Tools

    In Minnesota, we have a software package that helps us with scheduling and scoring.

    It's not very user-friendly, and quite programmer-eqsue, but if you still need help with scheduling, some of the devs (myself included) would be happy to try and help you.
    Jeremy Koletar
    FLL-SW Developer and Scorekeeper
    High Tech Kids, Minnesota


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      Re: Scheduling Tools

      Skip Gridley has an Excel program that is used at the World Festival. How about it Skip? Can you share your program?
      Tim Tedrow
      Addicted to FIRST since 2000.
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        Re: Scheduling Tools

        I will say this. At WF - they had queuing down to an art. Of course they had the space to work with (many local tournaments have their share of layout and logistcial challenges). But they took advantage of the space and had plenty of volunteers to help teams know when and where to be all the time. Well done WF Team.

        I only peeked at your solution Jeremy, it looks very complete. It seems geared for tournaments officials and scorekeepers. I was also looking for something to benefit teams, coaches, and spectators. I'll try to get it installed and running.