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Streaming with two cameras.

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  • Streaming with two cameras.

    We host our tournaments in a large gym that has a stage and a pretty large presentation screen. We have access to just a regular laptop with Windows 7 or 10 and it uses typical Public School Wi-Fi. A couple people have offered to let us borrow their GoPros so that we can show the tables up on the screen so the parents don't have to crowd around the actual tables. The thing is, I have no idea how to show the feed from both cameras on one laptop. The screen will show whatever is on the screen of my laptop, so that's not a problem. So I guess the question really is how do I get the two cameras to be split screen on my laptop? It is my laptop, not the schools, so I can download whatever I need. I think the GoPros are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, I've never really used them. Any tips?