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  • A word about the FLL Forum

    In the spirit of community connection, the FLL Forum is an opportunity to share with and learn from others. It is an open Forum where teams, coaches, judges and others are encouraged to speak openly about important topics and receive candid responses in return. The FLL Forum is invaluable on many levels.

    One concern that has recently been noticed is that instead of simply sharing thoughts, there has been a shift, from some, to speaking negatively about the appropriateness of a particular team winning an award. Heading down this path lacks the Gracious Professionalism™ that is at the ethos of FIRST®. Emphasizing the value of others and respecting individuals and the community, whether in person or in writing, can add to society and provide the satisfaction of knowing one has acted with integrity and sensitivity. Failing to post in a manner consistent with Gracious Professionalism will result in forfeiting your ability to utilize the FLL Forum in the future.