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    In using the Search box from the main page, or the Search Forum button - it does NOT seem to be searching older posts. Certainly those from the older website engine.

    I took the word "gremlins" which I found in a random post within Programming. No search options I have tried, yield that post or that word.

    This is a super handy feature for new folks that will be arriving here, well any minute now. Is this on purpose, or maybe just some re-indexing thing needs to happen?

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    Re: SEARCH for older topics

    One suggested work-around for readers is to use Google and limit to this website. For example use the following in the Google Search Box:



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      Re: SEARCH for older topics

      In the general settings area for your userid is a place to specify the age of messages to be searched. All messages is at the bottom of the list.
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        Re: SEARCH for older topics

        If I follow you, that option only seems to control how many old messages to 'display', not to search?

        I changed the option called Default Thread Age Cut Off from Forum Default to All Messages - with no change to search results. Is that the option you meant?

        Even with the default, at the bottom of forum pages, it says show threads from "Beginning".