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  • Student team sign-up process

    Can someone explain the process for signing students up for a team, and creating the team roster on the FLL Website? I am the coach, and have used this website in the past; however the process seem to be different this year. I used the Parent/Guardian Invitation to invite parents for each student. The parents that responded, now show up in the Pending Applied section. There are also Pending Invite, Accepted, and Declined sections that I have no idea what they are for. It seem like a brief note would go a long way to explaining the process to sign up the students on a team.

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    I'd love to...but I'm having the same problems. It's frustrating to be in the fourth year coaching and feel like every year is a new year with FLL. I've spent more time trying to figure the roster out than anything else this year. It shouldn't be this hard.


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      Here's a guide.
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        Thanks, the guide is helpful.


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          The guide still does not show how a coach accepts the students to be on the team. Please advise.


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            In the right hand corner of the box that has the "pending applied" names, there is an arrow that says "options". Click on that, and you should be able to accept them. THEN, you need to instruct parents to go to their parent dashboard and complete the "consent and release form" online. UNLESS they are current from last year. I believe that lasts two years, but I may be incorrect. Hope that helps.