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Sponsorships - and what to offer them in return?

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  • Sponsorships - and what to offer them in return?

    Our team is reaching out to Corporate sponsors (starting with PR departments of companies where parents and or friends family work) to ask for funds. The funds will be 100% used to implement the Problem solution they are working for Animal Allies season. Any ideas on how we can thank the corporations who give us the funds? For example if a corporation wants to put a Logo on our T-shirts, does the size of the logo reflect how much they gave? (maybe a logical approach?). Is there any minimum dollar we should put as a threshold for putting the logo, and what is that minimum amount, is it $50, $100? We have no idea how this works, any pointers will be really helpful.

    FLL Coach

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    Re: Sponsorships - and what to offer them in return?

    If you look at the FIRST "Become a Sponsor" webpage ( ), you can see what the sponsors want to get out of sponsorship.
    You can recognize any/all sponsors on your T-shirts, regardless of the level of sponsorship. Most companies just want PUBLICITY and free advertising. A local newspaper article (with their name prominently mentioned) would do great.