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Coaching two teams

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  • Coaching two teams

    We have enough interest at the school where I teach to run several teams, but I haven't been able to find enough adults willing to coach them. So I'm considering coaching two teams myself (with the second coach that I've yet to find - probably one of the kids' parents). The problem is that I don't really have another day that I can meet with kids.

    I currently meet with my team two days a week after school for 2 hours. If I add a second team, should I meet with each team once a week? Is it feasible to have two teams meeting at the same time? Any suggestions you have, even outside the box ones, would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    My first time coaching I did two teams at the same time. Since it was being run as a community ed class I had no choice but to hold team meetings simultaneously. It worked ok. Hard, draining, but ok. Now that I know more it would be easier.

    Lately I've coached 1 or 2 teams each season. I work with 2 parent coaches on each team, helping them through the process of registration and planning. I slowly step back through the season, having the parents do more of the work. By the end of the season FLL has new coaches ready to run teams themselves and I move on to another rookie team.