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  • Coaching two teams

    We have enough interest at the school where I teach to run several teams, but I haven't been able to find enough adults willing to coach them. So I'm considering coaching two teams myself (with the second coach that I've yet to find - probably one of the kids' parents). The problem is that I don't really have another day that I can meet with kids.

    I currently meet with my team two days a week after school for 2 hours. If I add a second team, should I meet with each team once a week? Is it feasible to have two teams meeting at the same time? Any suggestions you have, even outside the box ones, would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    My first time coaching I did two teams at the same time. Since it was being run as a community ed class I had no choice but to hold team meetings simultaneously. It worked ok. Hard, draining, but ok. Now that I know more it would be easier.

    Lately I've coached 1 or 2 teams each season. I work with 2 parent coaches on each team, helping them through the process of registration and planning. I slowly step back through the season, having the parents do more of the work. By the end of the season FLL has new coaches ready to run teams themselves and I move on to another rookie team.


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      We coached 2 teams last season simultaneously (5-6 members/team). There were 2 of us and it was busy but it was also our first time. This season, we are planning on coaching 4 teams but also have 2 more assistant coaches to help. We are doing them all simultaneously but have the space and resources to do so. We also bought 3 challenge sets and will have 4 tables to practice on.


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        We have two school teams of 10 kids each with only parent coaches. Very early we have the kids create and take on roles on the team such as team co-managers responsible for keeping the fooling around to a minimum, core value leader responsible for discussing core values, core value challenger responsible for bringing a new challenge to the team each meeting, project research leading the plan on how the kids will research the challenge and robot leader to bring that together. We discuss the roles and how they should prepare for the meetings and the expectations.

        This makes is a lot easier at the meetings and the kids do the work. As a coach, I try to not do anything and only guide the kids in how they should explore approaching the problem. When they get lost or are having a crazy day, I try to bring them around but, if things are getting done, then I let them run with it. We break it down into small work groups of 2-3 and they seem to get things done.
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