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  • What's Your Word? Video

    As some of you may have heard, our "veteran" FLL team member came up with an idea to make a video about all the words people use to describe FIRST. We wanted to let you know that the team collected over 50 video clips and finished putting the video together late last week. You can view the completed video at:

    Each person in the video was asked to write one word that described what FIRST means to them. The team received videos from people at their schools, other FLL teams and also kids and mentors from the Wisconsin FRC Regional tournament that we attended. Special thanks to Kim Wierman from FIRST for getting us a video clip of Dean Kamen. Be sure you watch till the end to see what word he chose!

    We hope you enjoy the video!
    Shawn Hunter
    Coach of The 4th Motor
    FLL Team #240

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    Re: What's Your Word? Video

    Quite a nice video team 80. I hope you had fun in St. Louis too. I especially hope you found that the practice tables in the pit were operated fairy. That was me yelling at the teams to leave the field pieces on the table.
    Bill Bourn
    Coach, FLL#91 F L eLements
    Mentor, FRC#2170 Titanium Tomahawks