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HELP! New team - what do we need to purchase??

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    Re: HELP! New team - what do we need to purchase??

    thanks for the help!


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      Re: HELP! New team - what do we need to purchase??

      thanks for the help! I hadn't really thought about it before - we will likely have between 7-10 kids.....


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        I, too, am a new Team Coach. I plan to purchase the following items to get started:

        LEGO Education Core Set
        Expansion Set
        Challenge Set
        Education EV3 software

        Do all items need to be purchased through FIRST or LEGO Education? I mean, can you use Amazon or find them cheaper at different locations. I thought I had read on FIRST website somewhere that they had to be purchased through LEGO Education.

        Also, do you think there's any location to purchase a table that folds away or possibly a team selling a used one? We are limited in space and tools. The reason we chose Lego League is because we were told it could be easily worked in a classroom with nothing more than a screwdriver. Hoping that's true! We do not have access to machine shop and such.

        Thanks for any help,


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          Once you register you will be provided a link to purchase the challenge set (mission models and mat) from LEGO. The robot and expansion sets can be purchased from anywhere you desire. I believe the education version of the EV3 software is now free:

          If you're looking for a used table you should note your location/area.

          Hope that helps,


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            I think the Lego education set, and the expansion set.
            The Mindstorms EV3 education version is available as a school license, with unlimited installations on the school and on is able to give it every kid that work at home with it, as long as the work is bound to a school project. So we simply hand it to every kid in the team.

            For parts. One will never have enough parts. The best way we found is to get a stock of tech parts buying second hand lego tech sets. Some rare parts we buy from shops that sell single parts. They are not cheap per piece, but cheaper then a bunch of sets that contain on piece a special part.

            In general I recommend .
            It has a good list of parts available, lists all sets with part list and building instructions. The building instructions in itself sometimes are a hint how to solve a specific problem ....

            Lego education is very helpfull and consumer friendly. We've bricked an EV3 Brick and killed Motors and Lego education was very fast with replacement parts. They even shiped the EV3 before we send the brocken one to Lego.
            At least in germany Lego gives a small discount on Lego education sets for FLL teams
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              Check out the resources for new teams on the FIRST web site for a lot of "what now?" answers. You can build a very decent robot out of just the EV3 Education or the Commercial set; the expansion pack is nice for when your team gets more advanced. You don't need to be fancy - a lot of teams do very well with pretty basic robots. You won't score all the points, but as a rookie team that shouldn't be your goal anyway.

              You'll need programming decices. The EV3 tablet SW could be used for FLL but the kids will be limited in what they can do; a laptop would be better, and if you can swing more than one I recommend it, even if you only have one robot. It doesn't take much power to run EV3 development, so you do not need an expensive laptop.

              Good luck, and keep asking.
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                Using the suggested laptop for programming - I also suggest a second large monitor. Goes a long way to keeping the whole team engaged into what the program development is looking like. Everyone crowded around a small laptop screen is not very productive. It can be a pain, but I also highly suggest getting the Bluetooth setup and working.