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    Mission Discussion Thread

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    I suppose the "rail" makes it unlikely for the first Payload, but thinking more about the two subsequent Payloads that robots will load - what happens if the roll is "started", but the Payload falls off before reaching the first rack connection?

    There is not a specific requirement that it reach that far along the path (although is mentioned in the italicized section), and without model in hand to experiment with - hard to know how much I would judge the act of "clearly rolling" for a score.

    Thoughts? How likely? Is there a need to plan for it, or will it be obvious enough?


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      Everything after TECHNICALLY SPEAKING is used for scoring. As you note, in the italicized section it says
      As long as the cart clearly rolls Independently past the First Track Connection, it's OK if it doesn't roll all the way east.
      That means that if the Payload falls off before reaching the first track connection, that roll doesn't score.


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        Seems pretty clear, staying on the rail is not a scoring requirement. Just that it has to start to roll and reach the first track connection. It's probably a Benefit of the Doubt situation if a rolling Payload falls off the rail in the vicinity of reaching the first track connection.

        The italicized text is not a scoring requirement, since it isn't in green font.

        That's a defect in how the rules are written this year - the status of the italicized text is not described in the rules.

        There appears to be a conflict in the M01 scoring - the 2nd scoring bullet is in green (so it's a scoring requirement) and says that "it reaches the first track connection". But the italicized text (which has undefined status) says "as long as the cart ...rolls past the first track connection".

        "reaches" and "rolls past" are two different concepts.
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          Note that using the tipping part of the Space Travel Ramp is also not a scoring requirement.

          As I read the M01 text, a robot could place a Payload on the upper part of the inclined ramp, release it to start rolling, and meet the scoring requirements at the first track connection.
          FIRST LEGO League Mentor and Referee/Head Referee since 2011.


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            At a tournament coachs' meeting this weekend, many of the coaches expressed concern about the carts sticking and not rolling down the ramps. I had noticed this too. I gave the standard answer that if it looks like the wheels are binding and the model should have rolled, we would consider it a model failure and apply benefit of the doubt. I had been playing with the cart models semi-successfully to try to spread its parts slightly to allow it to roll better.

            A coach pointed out to everyone that this isn't necessary. Simply put the cart on the mat and with a little pressure, roll it forwards and backwards several times rapidly. It worked! At least for a little while, the cart wheels would spin freely. We let our table resetters know about this little trick.

            Jeff Bartig
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