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M02 - solar panel array

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    Originally posted by Tom Mosher View Post

    I'm not certain about that. The Interference rule doesn't say anything about how or where the interference occurs, or what causes it. So if Team A does something on their own side of the North wall that prevents Team B from moving a solar panel - that seems like Interference to me. I think the Robot could be what causes the Interference.
    I think you are over-reaching. If the last thing my robot does is push my panel "away" and stops there, and either at the same time or a bit later, the opposing robot comes over and tries to push it toward me, you cannot reasonably claim I interfered with them by scoring my own panel. And, by extension, I already have several teams pushing a frame-like object which scores the (own-side) panel and stays there. I won't be calling interference then. Any cross-field mission has to allow that teams on the B-side might have something that might prevent the A-side from reaching across and doing stuff. I can think of many such missions in the past where this would have applied. I think we have to be very careful about calling interference where there is a deliberate cross-field interaction.
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