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Use of color in the rules & on scoresheets

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  • Use of color in the rules & on scoresheets

    While I appreciate the attempt to clarify scoring conditions with the use of color, there's a problem -- some people are color-blind & can't tell there's a different color. I learned this week that one of my team members can't see green; he had no idea that there were specific scoring requirements shown in green. While one would hope that he'd have seen the first bullet in the "Scoring Requirements Signals" and wonder about that, and therefore ask what was going on, I'm not surprised he didn't -- he's very bright, but he's also 9. Hopefully there's a better way to show these requirements in future years.

    While I'm on this topic, I'll move from suggestion to complaint. Why on earth is the score sheet using blue instead of green for the same use? I understand it's hard to be consistent across all official docs & communication methods, but why choose a different color? That doesn't seem too hard to keep consistent.
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    That's a great point. Perhaps FIRST should publish a gray-scale version of the robot game rules.
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      It's become clear to me that the green highlighting is only used to mark the extent of the underlined and asterisked requirements.

      I would like to recommend wording that could be used next year to show that (I hope without the color being green), but I haven't thought of anything clear and concise.

      If you have suggestions, please post them or let me know.

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