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R21 - First Launch or Every Launch

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  • R21 - First Launch or Every Launch

    The public forum had a post that made me start to reply with a big "um, but no", but I went and read the CS Rules, and sure nuf - they were right.
    The concept of Nothing Being Handled and Nothing is Moving - is seemingly tied to the phrase "first launch and countdown".

    Is this truly intended? Given the CS Text, does anyone else see a way to read that to still mean the "old way" - in which every launch was expected to meet certain requirements.

    I know we (FIRST) was likely trying to "open up" the concept of what "GO" means, but I think there are new teams reading the latest R21 with no plans to expect subsequent launches to have those key requirements.

    Just saying.

    City Shaper
    21. Launch sequence
    READY SITUATION: Your Robot and everything it’s about to move or use is arranged as you like. It must fit completely in the Launch Area and measure no taller than 12 in. (30.5 cm).
    ...When the Referee can see that nothing on the Field is moving or being handled, she/he will begin the countdown of the first launch.
    Into Orbit
    R13 - LAUNCHING A proper Launch (or re-Launch) goes like this:
    ......Your Robot and everything in Base it’s about to move or use is arranged by hand as you like, all fitting “COMPLETELY IN BASE” and measuring no taller than 12 inches” (30.5 cm).
    ......The referee can see that nothing on the Field is moving or being handled.
    ......Reach down and touch a button or signal a sensor to activate a program.

    And R22 doesn't tighten this down, because it is say "except to launch".

    Do we rely solely on R27? But without this clear separation or definition between preparing to launch and "actually launching / go" - when does one rule start and another end?
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    Mitigating this dilemma somewhat is that Rule 21 is in a section titled in red letters "During the match". So one could reasonably argue that Rule 21 applies for every launch. Also, that the words "begin the countdown of the first launch" only means that only the first launch gets a countdown. None of the re-launches during a match get a countdown.

    The language could certainly be clearer.

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