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Core Valule Challenges for STEM Summer School Program

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  • Core Valule Challenges for STEM Summer School Program

    Hello everyone!

    I am working on the launch day for a six week summer school PBL program we are creating for local schools in my area. I have a 90 minute block of time to get the kids active, moving, and thinking to start the day.

    As I was brainstorming various ideas I thought it would be cool to have 15-20 minute rotation stations in various classrooms where kids moved from one challenge to the next to highlight and emphasize core values, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication as these are some of the key ideas needed for the next six weeks of the program.

    I was thinking of using past Core Value challenges that teams have experienced as we could do these in under 10 minutes and easily have them experience several of them to start the day.


    What have been some of the past challenges your teams have had to grapple with for the Core Values section of your tournaments? I want to compile a solid 6-10 activities that I can prep and organize for everyone involved.

    Thanks so much for your help.

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    There are about 40 Core Value Activities shared on
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      As always, your site is amazing! Not sure why I did not look there to begin with!