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    Originally posted by timdavid View Post

    To even get to the Coaches' Handbook I had to log in to the FIRST site. Then the coach needs to request access to First Steps so they can see the curriculum. I'm not sure why the information needs to be so protected.
    My kids' school uses Schoology. They tell me that this might be because of Schoology. Each Schoology "course" requires a code to join. So, you have to be given the code. Perhaps Schoology does not want FIRST to post a code publicly like that?? I think *anyone* can then join, not just FLL-related people. This is just a guess....but yes, not having to register to access the curriculum would be far better.
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      Hi. I'm trying to get my head around the core values that we should be working towards and will be assessed on at the competition. Do we follow these new values or do we follow the values that are on the marking rubrics?


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        The updated rubrics reflect the new core values, but they also retain a little bit of the old (especially "We do the work..."). The latest versions were updated 5/31 and our region (WI) has a slightly different pilot rubric. Here are the global rubrics:


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          The pilot 2018 Core Values Rubric being used in WI (and presumably other regions), is supposed to better align with the new Core Values. It is posted on their website at: