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    Hi all! I am a rookie coach with a rookie FLL team. We were wondering what the Core Values portion of the tournament looks like. We've been told that in the judging room they work on an activity that lets the judges see their teamwork. The team also has a Core Values poster that they've been making. Anything else they need to do? A formal rehearsed presentation? Anything else they should know before going before the judges? Thanks!
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    I think it can vary a bit by region, but in Wisconsin the judges will present the team with a challenge that takes a few minutes. After that they will talk to the team and ask questions about their season so that they can score them on the rubric. The Core Values poster can be a handy reference for the team. To prepare, you can practice some challenges (check out and practice answers for each section of the rubric.


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      In addition to the answer above, our team makes sure they have a basic understanding of each of the core values. This is more that memorizing them, they need to be able to explain each one.
      Then, they find 2 - 3 examples of each core value both inside FLL and outside FLL that they can relate to the judges.
      The judges are watching the activity/challenge to see if they act like a team, demonstrate Core Values and interact with respect. Then, during the questioning, they explore each individual's understanding of the Core Values.
      In my opinion, this area of the competition is the best area to get more points. Many teams are not fully prepared in this area and, as a result, a well prepared team can really stand out from other teams. You need to be in the top 75% of Robot Game to advance from the regional qualifier but, the top 75% of Core Values may not get you to the next level.

      I guess you're correcting me. Yes top 75% to advance. It doesn't change my point.

      Also, be sure you are working from the correct Core Values. They are new this year. Good Luck.
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        Thank you! This info is going to be very helpful to help us prepare!


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          Practice the core values activity just like you practice the robot game. Typical core values exercises at the tournaments are like "build the tallest tower with these qtips and paper clips" or "build a bridge/shelter/nuclear reactor with these drinking straws and index cards and marshmallows". They are typically three minutes long. They are really easy to practice. Make sure you have looked over the rubric and challenge your kids into thinking of ways of demonstrating each of the items. When you practice the core values activity, start with the kids outside of the room and the door closed. You set up the activity, go to the door and invite them in. Tell them the challenge, start the timer and observe. Is everyone involved? Are they working together? Are they managing the time and resources? What do they do when things aren't going well? After the time is up, assess how they did and ask them questions like "how do you use FLL core values OUTSIDE OF FLL?" "Introduce the person on your right and tell me something about them" "How did you make team decisions this year?" "What is the role of the coach on your team?" Things like that. If you practice, you will definitely do better than I did on my first year.

          Have fun!
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            Teams are required to be ranked in the in the top 40% of official Robot Game scores to be considered for Champion
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