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  • 'Impact' Core Value

    This year's new Core Values are definitely harder for my team to internalize and remember. Last year was our first year, and they found the CVs last year very easy to understand and remember. The new CVs are much more abstract for our young team.

    We are struggling with "Impact". What would be examples of this both inside and outside of FLL? We are having trouble helping our team come up with what would make sense as an example of this.

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    I was surprised when my team struggled with this one too. I suggested that they think smaller. "Improving our world" doesn't have to be big and all encompassing. It can be anything that makes something better for even just one person. After another go, my team came up with some great examples of how they demonstrate this Core Value. One student referenced what he had learned about water last season and how he had convinced his family to install a filter on their kitchen faucet so that they could drink water from the tap rather than buying cases of bottled water. That improved the world by decreasing the amount of waste his family produced in the form of plastic bottles and decreased waste water from unfinished bottles of water. Another student mentioned our practice of being very intentional about always including everyone in discussions and considering everyone's ideas in Core Values activities. That improves our world by considering diverse opinions which leads to better solutions and by valuing each individual and the contributions they make.
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