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    For several years now I have long admired the LEGO robotics programs and resources provided through Minnesota's and I've benefited from their site on many occasions even though I'm here in Michigan. I and my teams have also benefited from the web site over the years which I truly appreciate. Now Michigan may have some hidden gems that I don't know about and that is part of the reason for starting this thread.

    My basic question to start out is, "What solid off-season programs, curriculum, resources, etc are available either online or in a person?".

    This would be for both coaches and students as the main way I'm going to teach my teams anything I would like to understand myself so that I can help them when they get stuck or need a boost now and then.

    Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any suggestions and/or options you may be aware of.
    Phil Martin

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    Re: Robotics Curriculum

    I live in Minnesota, so of course, I admire the resources provided by the program in Oregon.

    Take a look at their page of Workshop materials for some information.

    Otherwise, I think it is useful to do some hands-on building and programming of sample projects. Possible places to get some fun projects include
    • the web site
    • the book LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0: The King's Treasure

    There are many other books about the NXT. It looks like another thread was started on that topic. I'll reply separately to that topic later. The majority of NXT books I've seen are pretty good. My only warning is that a number of them are outdated. Some mainly cover the older RCX Mindstorms robots. Others cover version 1.0 of the NXT model. These older books can still be very useful, but just realize what you are buying. The danger with the older books is that the parts list differ between NXT versions, so you may not be able to build their sample projects. Also, the functionality in NXT-G has changed slightly between version 1 and version 2, so some of the programming examples may be out of date.


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      Re: Robotics Curriculum

      hanks for reading and thanks in advance for any suggestions u might add