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TechBrick 2012-13 Senior Solutions Resources

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  • TechBrick 2012-13 Senior Solutions Resources

    TechBrick 2012-13 Senior Solutions Resources

    For the seventh year running TechBrick has provided a range of helpful resources for the challenge and related areas.

    Some of the items include:
    • Table Elements Instructions.
    • Senior Solutions Images For Your Own Worksheets, Posters, and Clothing
    • Worksheet for the "Senior Solutions" Challenge Table
    • 11x17 Field Worksheet for Strategy
    • A Worksheet for the Challenge Elements
    • Step-By-Step Programming Worksheet
    • Awesome Lego parts that can win you a FLL tournament
    • What is a Team Info Sheet?
    • Cool LEGO Ruler With Stud Counters
    • Mission Path Robot Speed Spreadsheet

    And much much more. See what 500+ teams a day are using for their FLL challenge.

    We would like to create gallery of teams who use our worksheets! Just email a photo that shows your team using any of our resources and short description (include team name number, and city/state/country) and we'll post it... Send it to [email protected]

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    Re: TechBrick 2012-13 Senior Solutions Resources

    Thanks so much for posting these. We found your site last year as a rookie team, and really appreciate it!