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My first FLL story.

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  • My first FLL story.

    My first FLL was food factor. For me it didn't go that well. At the start when I got there I was fine but then I was feeling worse as time went on. I told every one who asked that I was fine, but it was quite obvious I wasn't because I was sitting in a corner just staring at what my team was doing and not saying a thing(which is VERY unusual for me). Finally when we went to present our power point I said to my coach " I don't think i can do this I don't feel well." He said " what do you feel." I said "i have a head ache and stomache ache." so then one of the moms looked for ibuprofen but couldn't find it , but the coach's girlfriend did have some. I didn't want so i thanked her and said no and asked to go outside for some fresh air. The coach said yes. The same mom who couldn't find the the ibuprofen came outside with me. after that she and I went out about 3 more times. Every one kept saying to me it was fine if i went home buut i wouldn't leave because i couldn't just leave my team there alone with out me. Sadly my team didn't win we only got memories, but we stll can cherish our memories together. so thats my FFL story.