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    Yes, move tank, move steering, and sensor blocks implemented as my blocks. Would love to be able to "peek under the hood" as it were.


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      Unfortunately you cannot do that with the Move or Motor blocks because their behavior cannot be duplicated using my blocks. Power regulation and synchronization are built into the controller and the Move and Motor blocks just enter parameters. This is what allows us to use "On" as a duration type and continue executing other blocks in the program. Writing a Move Steer block using sensor feedback and unregulated motor blocks would require branching off a beam to run the motors as a side task, and using variables to tell the motor task what to do.

      Some sensor blocks might be possible, but most don't do very much. For example, the gyro sensor block does not integrate gyro rate to get an angle. It doesn't even reset the gyro angle. All that happens in the sensor and the sensor blocks send the commands to make it happen. I think the color sensor block applies the calibration value for reflected light intensity, but I don't think it does ambient light compensation. The one sensor that would be interesting is color mode in the color sensor. Converting RGB to a color does happen in the EV3, and having that be a my block would expose the RGB intensity values.

      The one block that is easy to implement is the Wait block. Unfortunately a Wait My Block wouldn't expose any mysteries. All waits are a sensor read inside a loop.
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        Makes sense, thanks for the details.