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Does a team from each region advance to World every year, or every other year?

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  • Does a team from each region advance to World every year, or every other year?

    I heard from someone in Houston that each region gets 1 spot at the FLL World Championship only every OTHER year. Is this true? Does each region get to send 1 team to World every year, or is it an every-other-year thing?

    My team will be in 8th grade next year, and have been asking if I'll schedule more weekend sessions with them this fall (they figure if they'll ever have a shot at World, it's this year). I don't want them to be working towards a goal only to find out it was never a possibility to begin with...

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    VA-DC has sent two teams each of the last two years. I can't speak for EVERY region, but I have never heard of any "every-other-year" rules.
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      When there was only 1 World Festival there was a lottery.


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        Since there are now two World Championships (Detroit and Houston) instead of one (St. Louis), more teams get to attend the event(s).
        My region, Minnesota, did not used to send a team to the championship every season, but last season sent several teams.
        Your regional partner may know how many spots in the World Championship your region gets next season. I would advise contacting them if it is important to you.
        Please realize that there are also "Invitational" events that are quite fun to attend. We went to one at LegoLand in California one season.
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          This link may help you. It says that "We rotate regions every year to make sure each region has a chance to participate."


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            Information on which regions will receive invitations to the City Shaper World Festivals.