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Help needed with a survey for FLL coaches

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  • Help needed with a survey for FLL coaches

    Hi, I have been coaching FLL for several years - my son got me involved when he wanted to start a team years ago. My son is now working on a senior project at college and has chosen to a design a robot game table that is more easily transportable. He is looking for coaches to complete a survey at It is just ten questions and will only take a few minutes. He would really appreciate your input. Thank you!

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    Done but have a small suggestion. I actually coach anywhere between 3-6 teams. Last year, my first year, I had 6 teams with 28 students. There isn't a away to notate that in the survey. The students max at 10. Perhaps divide into two parts: how many teams do you coach and how many total team members on all the teams combined? Just a thought!


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      Thanks for the suggestion!


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        By the way I am really impressed that you took on six teams! I only had a FLL and a JrFLL team-I can't imagine having so many students.