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    We've been using a ____er laptop from my work from programming, but it has been showing its age. (Only runs XP and dies as soon as power is removed)

    What are some experiences people have had with low cost laptops running the EV3 software?
    For instance, The HP Stream 11 is $199 but I'm concerned about the minimal 2 GB memory on it.
    I've had bad experiences running the EV3 software on machines with so little RAM.
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    Re: Laptop Recommendations

    I have multiple of these laptops here from this seller (boivllc), each purchased at a different time, and none of them have let me down. I paid the extra $10 for the upgrade to the 9-call battery. They get used by all grades (k-12) and do what we need them to do - web browsing, google docs, EV3 software, RobotC software, mindmapping software, driver station software for the FRC team, Labview, etc. (and usually multiple of those things at once). The high school kids have successfully played League of Legends a few times I was specifically searching for Windows 7, so if you are fine with 8.1 or 10 there may be other used/refurbished options out there as well that are a reasonable price point.


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      Re: Laptop Recommendations

      I would also be concerned with any laptops with only 2 gigs of RAM. Those linked by Alison are great machines, I had one at work for several years. I do think those are a little over priced, though considering the age. They are great and should run a long time, though.

      We bought similar machines to these at Best Buy for our STEM Center:

      $320 and they run the EV3 software just fine. Pretty snappy compared to my 5 year old laptop.
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        Re: Laptop Recommendations

        May not be an option, but if the funds allow - a 17" laptop can be helpful in viewing NXT/EV3 code. Esp when a few kids gathered round.

        Of course in a classroom setting, I would suggest using a larger monitor as a second video screen for the whole team to watch along with. But on the road or at a tournament setting, that extra width is nice to have.

        And I would perhaps scrimp on CPU, I would not scrimp on memory.


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          I wanted to buy a laptop with an 8th generation Intel processor, 15.6 inch screen and Full HD display. The best candidate I've found (after thinking about the Thinkpad E580, L580, Dell Inspiron 5570, Latitude 5580, 5590...) is the HP ProBook 450 G3, price (my budget is more or less 1000