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EV3 kits, parts, books, field kits - Kansas City area

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  • EV3 kits, parts, books, field kits - Kansas City area

    UPDATE: SOLD! =)

    We are moving our team up to FTC and have several years worth of robot kits, parts, cases, field kits, books, etc to sell in order to help fund the new FTC equipment.

    The gear essentially contains two entire EV3 robot kits with rechargeable batteries/chargers, three year's of field kits, several cases to sort/store the parts, an extra expansion kit, software, and books to learn. There are tons of extra parts: enough for two large robots, each with two color sensors, a gyro, and four motors each.

    Your Cost: $750 (over half off) or best offer. =)

    This is for local delivery only.

    We also have a competition table available for free (details in another post).
    Item Description Original Cost
    6091949 5003463 FLL 2014 EV3 Robot Set V46 $559.15
    6088028 45517 Transformer 10V DC V37 included
    6111356 45544 LME EV3 Core Set V121 included
    6034281 45560 LME EV3 Expansion Set V46 included
    6070717 2000045 LME EV3 Software Single Li.. V39 included
    6091677 5003324 EV3 Software - Single Lic.. V46 included
    45505 EV3 Gyro Sensor $40.19
    45514 EV3 Cable Pack $14.95
    6034296 EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery $94.34
    6089478 EV3 Technic Ball Pivots $15.00
    6088028 MINDSTORMS Battery Charger $29.95
    - LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit $349.95
    45560 LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Exp Set $113.95
    45801 2015 FLL Set V46 $75.00
    - 2016 FLL Challenge Set $86.51
    45804 2017 FLL Challenge Set $91.98
    - LEGO MINDSTORMS Books $50.00
    - Storage Cases for Parts $50.00
    Original Costs $1570.97
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    I am hoping to get a new team started in Manhattan, KS for next year and the equipment and table would be amazing for us! Sent you a message.