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Conventional Lego Bricks on FLL Robot?

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  • Conventional Lego Bricks on FLL Robot?

    Are conventional lego components, like 2x8 bricks, allowed on FLL Robots in the competition?

    We're building a basket and are considering using some of the thousands of unused lego parts instead of our very limited lego technic beams.


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    Your team should be consulting the official rules in the Challenge Guide whenever they have a question about legality in the robot game. In this case, R01 addresses what parts are allowed on the robot: "LEGO-made building parts in original factory condition". Because there are no further restrictions (except in the following rules about motors and sensors), if it has LEGO stamped on it it's legal.

    However, reading what anyone on this forum says about the rules is less reliable than knowing what the rules actually say!


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      We use many 'classic' Lego pieces, including in some of the crucial mechanical components. Interestingly, there are several clever ways to combine technic parts with classic pieces. There are fundamental rules about brick dimensions that allow one to calculate how to align pieces together.

      Check out this document for detailed brick info:


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        Originally posted by jlrwi View Post
        if it has LEGO stamped on it it's legal.
        There's no restriction about having the word LEGO stamped on a part. There are many parts which are legal which don't have LEGO stamped on them. Some are too small. Some are made of weird material (there are some cool hard rubber connectors which came out of the short lived remote control car line in the 1980's). The key is having a Lego part number. Bricklink can help with that. When my team uses a part like that (and even some rare parts which do have LEGO stamped on them) we make sure we have the part number ready to go at competition in case any of the judges or refs ask. We also email the head ref just to give him a heads up (he gets excited about learning about new to him Lego parts.).

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