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    Hi guys. We are a new team to FLL. Just to clarify Rule 03. I understand we can only use 4 motors maximum and that is obvious by the fact there are only 4 ports on the EV3. On our current design we have 3 set motors and 1 motor which changes position depending on the exoskeleton and mission needing to be completed. Does this break rule 03? We never use more than 4 motors at once but technically the 4th motors are not exactly the same. All the same type but not the exact motor.
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    According to the rules this season (and in past seasons. Who knows about next season.) you are allowed to bring no more than four motors with you to any Robot Game round. You can reposition motors during a round, but you are only allowed a total of four motors.
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      Concur, total of 1 controller and 4 motors allowed at the table. They can be of any type and swapped in/out as you see fit.


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        Over the years I've seen a lot of teams connect/disconnect sensors or motors, but I've never seen it done efficiently. All those teams spent so much time changing connections that they would have scored more points with a simple robot that only did a few missions. I think the "shell/turtle" type robots (a team at the Minnesota state tournament referred to the replaceable combo attachments as "hats") are so popular because they allow using radically different attachments without having to mess with wires. I don't think I've never seen a high scoring robot that changed any wire connections. So even if 6 (or 7?) motors was allowed (which it isn't), I think you would be better off pursuing a different strategy

        The motors cannot be of any type. Only the 4 motor types shown in the Challenge document. No power functions motors or micro motors or RC motors or train motors. I know of 15 different types of 9V LEGO motors (I only have 9 of those), and I'm sure there are others that have escaped my notice.