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    Last season, a member started this thread and it was a great help.
    I have two teams of 10 kids each and could really use a extra City Shaper challenge kit if you have one you don't need.
    I'll cover the cost, your time, shipping and re-shipping to me. Thanks.

    Based on the conversation below, I'm glad to cover the costs and ship the books back to you if you ship the kit to me from Lego. Whichever works for you is fine. Thanks
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    Thanks for starting the thread.

    New Jersey (South)
    1 Kit

    Will cover shipping, etc, but would love to coordinate you having FIRST/Lego ship it right to me. Saves us all trouble.
    PM me.


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      Can you change the "ship-to" address in the order without it potentially messing up anything?


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        Originally posted by vjalander View Post
        Can you change the "ship-to" address in the order without it potentially messing up anything?
        The "Shipping Information" section of the Team Profile page is separate from your team location. The kit would arrive at the place in the shipping information. The team's location is not based on this part.

        This year, FIRST is also sending out engineering books. They would get shipped to the Shipping Information address too, which may/may not be a problem depending on your situation. If the original team wants those items, an agreement could be made to by the person in the shipping information section to mail them to the actual team. Mailing them by themselves is likely a lot cheaper than mailing a whole kit.

        If someone isn't going to need their kit, others would appreciate it being offered up to those who need them.