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  • Paint it black?

    I am trying to determine if I should paint black the "Home" section (part of the table not covered by the mat) to reflect the FLL Table Overview. Having the "Home" section all black could aid in color sensor navigation ( I haven't seen any prohibition against the robot using the "Home" area after Launch).

    However, unless painting that section is going to be standard at competition, I don't want my team to getting used to an all black "Home". Has anyone seen or heard anything about this?
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    Paint the surface of the table? Good question. The official FLL table instructions only suggest painting the side walls, but the competition tables in my region (Minnesota) usually have the top surface of the table painted also. I'd suggest sending the question to fllrobotgame @ firstinspires dot org


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      Thanks Tim. I'll reach out to them. In Iowa they usually tape the edges of the mats so I haven't seen the underlying surface color.


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        I would ask the local partner. If your regionals will have painted surfaces I would paint it.


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          I haven't seen this years table construction instructions yet. They don't seem to have been included in the Day 1 information release.

          Unless you're going to try to calibrate a sensor using the surface of the Home area, I don't think painting it will matter very much.
          • The Robot has to be launched from the Launch Area.
          • Driving off the mat into Home area shouldn't cause any requirements regarding painting the surface.
          If you want your table to match what the team will find at their tournament, probably best to ask the tournament organizer.
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